We believe that we have nothing to hide about who or where we lend. Anyone can come to AL-Arabeia Finance and will not be excluded by their gender, race or postcode. Our loans are based on the ability to repay and ensure that everyone has an equal chance of access.

Financial highlights

  • Wind Energy: USD 1.8 Billion
  • Housing Project: USD 950 Million
  • Hotel: USD 69 Million
  • Cement Factory US: USD 287 Million
  • Oil Refinery: USD 2.7 Billion
  • Real Estate Shopping mall: USD 951 Million
  • New Airport Terminal EUR: EUR 990 Million
  • Glass Factory EUR: EUR 550 Million
  • Medical Hospital: USD 266 Million
As benefits entrepreneurs receive:
  • A possibility to purchase and sell bank debenture instruments without large amounts of cash and at a discounted price;
  • The funding commitment by S.W.I.F.T or key tested telex issued electronically by North American or Western European money center bank in a standard format that is accepted by all major money center banks worldwide.
How to proceed

In order to proceed, please contact our office to discuss the amount of fee deposit and arrangement of contract and escrow agreement.